About us

Our mission in SustaFix is to provide good and safe products that are in tune with our values and in harmony with nature. We appreciate what nature has provided us and that is why the creation of our product starts here in the fields with natural ingredients.

Our ingredients

Organic Arnica, rosemary, and many more are carefully collected to create the base of SustaFix cream and then they are enriched with all the bee products needed for a good joint cream.

Our laboratories

The process continues in the laboratories, where all the ingredients are mixed in one of a kind formula and prepared for tests. After careful testing SustaFix cream is packaged and goes to quality control to ensure that the ready product is top quality.

Our delivery

After a long process of ensuring the product is safe and with excellent grade A formulation. It is finally ready to be dispatched. The product is sent away from our warehouse to 34 countries we are working in. It arrives on time with our granted fast delivery.

Brand development

We are always glad to provide the best quality product, from natural ingredients and thoroughly lab tested. Precisely because of this and the exceptional performance value of SustaFix with 4.5 customer rating. It became a brand under the big family of LIKASSO GROUP BRAND.